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Lakeside Grill: Drinks

Cocktails $9 | Doubles $14
Cocktails are available as a virgin beverage for $5

Worcester Sauce, Tabasco, Vodka and Clamato, garnished with green bean, pickle and olive, with a salted rim.

Brandy, our peach blend, and a splash of Merlot, garnished with fresh mint.

Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice and ice, served with a salted rim and garnished with a lime wedge.

Fresh mint, lime, sugar, and soda water, served with a sugar rim and garnished with mint and a lime wedge.

Moscow Mule
Ginger Beer, lime juice, and your choice of Russian Standard Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Olmeca Tequila, Crown Royal or Captain Morgan’s Rum, garnished with a lime wedge.

Strawberry Freckle Lemonade
Strawberry compote made from locally sourced strawberries, lemonade and soda water, with your choice of Smirnoff Vodka, New Amsterdam Pink Whitney, Tanqueray Gin, Olmeca Tequila, Crown Royal or Captain Morgan’s Rum.

Summer Frost Delay
Our Mango blend layered with blueberry compote comprised of locally sourced blueberries, and your choice of Smirnoff Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Olmeca Tequila, Crown Royal or Captain Morgan’s Rum.

Martini, 2oz $12
Choose from Tanqueray Gin or Smirnoff Vodka as a straight or on-the-rocks classic! Garnished with an olive and a lemon twist.
+ Upgrade to a Grey Goose Martini for $2 more

Sangria, glass $8 | pitcher $26
Our signature blend of Brandy, Triple Sec, Merlot, a blend of apple, orange and pineapple juice, Ginger Ale; topped with fresh fruit.

Draft Beer
Sleeve (16oz) $7 | Pitcher (64oz) $22


Stanley Park Pale Ale or Amber Ale

Steamworks Premium Lager, Pilsner or IPA

Stella Artois (Sleeve $8 | Pitcher $26)

Bottled Beer and Specialty Cans
Budweiser, Bud Light, Kokanee $6

Corona or Stella Artois $7

Guinness Can $9

Russell Angry Scotch Ale $7

Grower’s $7
Apple, Peach or Pear

Strongbow $7.50

No Boats on Sunday $7.50

Non-Alcoholic Beer
O’Douls $6

Beck’s $6

Sumac Ridge Merlot, BC$8$10$29
Inniskillin Cabernet Sauvignon, BC$8$10$29
Pascual Toso Malbec, Argentina$9$12$36
See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Noir, BC$9$12$36
Vina Zaco Tempranillo, Spain$12$16$48
Inniskillin Dark Horse Meritage, BC$13$18$52
Kingston Shiraz, Australia$13$18$52
Ruffino Reserva Chianti, Italy$13$18$53
Avalon Zinfandel, California$15$20$60
QwAM QwMT Pinot Noir, BC $60

Meiomi Pinot Noir, BC $60

Bouchard Reserve Bourgogne Pinot Noir, France $65

Chateau Maison Blanche Medoc, France $65

Sunrock Shiraz, BC $59

QwAM QwMT Merlot, BC $52

Sunrock Cabernet Sauvignon, BC $52

Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon, California $60

QwAM QwMT Cabernet Sauvignon, BC $60

Crudo Organic Nero D’Avola Cab Sauv, Italy $60

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, California $35

Black Sage Cabernet Franc, BC $55

Gran Sasso Sangiovese, Italy $48

See Ya Later Ranch Ping Meritage, BC $45

Veramonte Red Blend, Chile $40

Primus Carmenere, Chile $60

Desert Hills Syrah, BC $65

Inniskillin Zinfandel, BC $49

Sparkling and White Wine - BY THE GLASS
Sumac Ridge Unoaked Chardonnay, BC$8$10$29
Sumac Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, BC
Inniskillin Pinot Grigio, BC
Red Rooster Chardonnay, BC$9$12$36
Gray Monk Pinot Blanc, BC$9$12$36
Ruffino Prosecco, Italy$9$12$36
See Ya Later Ranch Riesling, BC$9$12$36
Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio, California$9$12$36
Culmina R&D Blend Rose, BC$11$15$44
See Ya Later Ranch Rose, BC$11$15$44
Desert Hills Gewürztraminer, BC$11$15$44
Nk’MIP Dreamcatcher, BC$11$15$45
Nk’MIP Chardonnay, BC$12$16$48
Sparkling and White Wine - BY THE BOTTLE
Kim Crawford Rose, New Zealand $39

Stellar Jay Brut Sparkling, BC $48

Dr Thanisch Feinherb Riesling, Germany $58

Masi Possessioni Serego Alighieri Bianco, Italy $44

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand $44

Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris, BC $48

Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone Rose, France $44

Kim Crawford Pinot Gris, New Zealand $44

Robert Mondavi Chardonnay, California $62

Meiomi Chardonnay, BC $56

Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone Blanc, France $56

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