Gord Swenson

PGA of Canada
Apprentice Professional

Phone: (604) 276-0585
Email: [email protected]

Gord brings 15 years of competitive golf experience including multiple tournament wins in addition to earning an NCAA scholarship (golf + academic) to CSUS in California. He’s dedicated to improving all areas of his own game (and life) and to also help others do the same.

Gord has always been fascinated with how to reach our fullest potential, and with what it also means to live a good life.

Apart from golf, that drive has has taken him to intense meditation practice with Zen masters, to hike Mount Everest basecamp with an adventure business he cofounded after of university, and then to return to golf with a greater love, understanding, and ability than he ever had before.

After several major swing changes of his own, and even working with a top 3 teacher in the world on his swing, he has come to believe that there are certain principles which enable truly great ball-striking and great golf.

Everyone is different. But if anyone applies certain principles of golf and movement to their game and puts in work, they can unlock levels of play, ease, and joy that they never thought possible.

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