Shingo Akizuki

PGA of Canada
Class A Professional

Phone: (604) 276-0585
Email: [email protected]

My parents introduced me to many different sports as a youngster and I am thankful to them for affording me the opportunity to learn and excel in a diverse range of activities.  Through those experiences I discovered the sport of golf, and it has been my passion and joy for more than 40 years.  People play golf and love it for all sorts of reasons: socializing with friends, being outdoors with nature, competing in tournaments, or working towards self improvement, just to name a few.  Personally, I enjoy the never-ending challenge of adapting to an ever-changing outer and inner landscape. 

As a member of the PGA of Canada since 2003, it has been my goal to help people express their unique personalities through the game of golf and I have been committed to helping others foster their own love of the game, here at Mayfair Lakes, for the past 20 years.  For me, golf has been an endless source of learning, and I look forward to discovering even more with you.

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