Hole by Hole at Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club

Hole 18 graphic
A lot of things can happen on this par 5. Favor the right centre of the fairway off the tee. A big tee shot sets up a chance to go for the green in two and an opportunity for birdie. If you hit a shorter drive off the tee, you will have to decide where to lay-up to. From the front edge of the first fairway bunker to the 150 marker is 120 yards. To hit over the water from this location is 152 yards. Into the wind, this shot will play a lot longer. The decision is yours. Play risk free on the second shot and leave yourself a long third. Hit a more aggressive second and you leave yourself and wedge to the green (just don't be short). This hole is a strong finish to a demanding back nine.

Hole 18

Par 5


Men's HCP: 12
Women's HCP: 10

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